About Funky Pawz

The Funky Pawz story...

I had a wonderful dog called Matt. As he got older he developed neurological problems which gradually led to him becoming incontinent.

Obviously this was a problem because of the constant mopping of floors and washing of bedding etc, especially as he was a much loved indoor dog. There was no way we were going to make him an outside dog at 13 years of age, and euthanasia wasn’t an option!

I had heard about belly bands through a FaceBook friend who was using one for their dog. After much searching, but being unable to source them in Australia, I finally managed to purchase a couple from America. The bands were a great success and made such a difference to Matt’s quality of life that I wanted to make sure they were easily available for other Australian dog owners...hence "Funky Pawz" was born.

Matt passed away a few years ago, but we were able to have an additional 12 months with him because of his belly bands.