About Funky Pawz

The Funky Pawz story...
I had a wonderful dog called Matt. As he got older he developed neurological problems which gradually led to him becoming incontinent.

Obviously this was a problem because of the constant mopping of floors and washing of bedding etc especially as he was an indoor dog. There was no way we were going to make him an outside dog at 13 years of age and we didn't want to euthanase him when he still had all his marbles!

I had heard about belly bands through an internet forum friend who was using one for their dog. As I work in the vet industry I tried to source them through the wholesalers over here but they didn't even know what they were (the vets I work with hadn't heard of them either)

After much searching I finally managed to purchase some from America - not a simple task. Then decided....that they were something I could make that would be of as much benefit to other dog owners as they were to me and there seems to be a gap in the Australian market if vets don't know about them... what they don't know about they can't recommend to their clients! I wanted to make something a bit different to what is already available....hence "funky" belly bands.

Matt passed away recently but we were able to have an additional 12 months with him because of his belly bands.