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Special Belly Bands for Special Dogs.

At last a solution to male dog hygiene issues.
Does your dog suffer from accidental "leaks" or simply refuses to understand the concept of house training? No longer does your old or incontinent dog need to be shut outside. Our unique belly bands allow him to be included without the smells and hygiene issues.

What is a belly band?

Manufactured from the finest quality lightweight cotton and secured with velcro, the belly band is worn around the male dogs waist/belly covering his private parts.

Funky Pawz belly bands are made in both funky patterns and plain colours, and are available in 9 different sizes to fit all dogs from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Mastiff and everything in between.

What is the purpose of the belly band?

* For male dogs that due to old age or illness have become incontinent - an alternative to euthanasia or being relegated outside.

* Perfect for that pooch that marks or urinates inappropriately - now you can feel confident to go anywhere and include your dogs at family outings, special occasions etc.

* An excellent solution for male dogs and puppies that don't "get" house-training.

To get the most from your belly band we recommend lining the belly band with a panty liner or pad to absorb urine, this pad can then be disposed of as required, replaced and the belly band reused immediately. For added convenience we recommend 2 belly bands - have one in use while the other is being washed. You can then rest assured that your dog is protected against any little mishap 100% of the time!

Our Products

We supply high quality Belly Bands for your precious pooch.

We manufacture and supply directly to the public, no third party markup and you get to deal directly with the creator of your dogs belly band.

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Click Here to read the story of how a belly band gave our family an extra 12 months with our much loved 13 year old family dog, Matt.

Funky Pawz are very please to announce that a percentage of the profits from every belly band sold are now being donated to animal rescue and welfare charities.


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